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Madonna: Her humble beginnings

Madonna isn’t a megastar in every sense of the word. She’s done a lot of ‘normal’ jobs during her time here on Earth. However, Madonna was a long way from achieving her greatest dreams as a dancer in the 1970s.

As a young woman, New York was hard. Making money was even more challenging. So she took on some unusual jobs, including modeling nude.

For art classes with Martin Schreiber (photographer), she wore her clothes off and posed for the photographs to Playboy magazine.
Before she shot to fame, Madonna was a Dunkin’ Donuts employee in Time Square, New York City.

Trove of 66 Polaroid photos of Madonna taken in 1983, pre-fame, is for sale  at Manhattan Rare Books - Artwire Press Release from

However, her stint as a donut-server didn’t last very long. She was a naughty employee. Madonna, now 61, tried to make it as a dancer but was not very invested in her job at Dunkin’ Donuts. As a result, she ended up being fired.

Shooting the jam from the donuts at customers, the now-global-songstress didn’t have a way with people back then, and her antics meant she lost her job. She joined The Breakfast Club with her brother and then-beau Dan Gilroy, as she tried to make her name in the 80s.You might be surprised to learn that she did not sing at all. Instead, she started off playing the guitar and drums.

She quit the band to pursue her path and started Emmy and the Emmys, a pop-punk group that performed in the heart of Manhattan. Madonna was the star of the band at this point – which likely gave her a taste of the fame that she would later attain.

A trove of 66 Polaroid photos of Madonna taken in 1983, pre fame, is for  sale at Manhattan Rare Books

Emmy and the Emmys made their demo tape back in the 80s that featured four tracks: Bells Ringing (I Like), Drowning (I like), Love For Tender, and No Time For Love. Then, she launched her solo career. This is often called the Pre-Madonna stage.

This is a collection Madonna recorded in the early 1980s.
These were some of the songs she composed during this period of her career and life: Ain’t No Big Deal; Crimes Of Passion; Don’t You?, Laugh To Keep from Crying; Everybody; Burning Up and Stay.


The most desired role in Hollywood: Playing Madonna

The most appealing role to young actresses right now is that of Madonna. Everybody, from Emmy nominees and Oscar nominees to actresses signed to the part, has been seen. Some even advanced to what could best be described as Madonna Bootcamp.

Carmen Cuba, casting director, is searching. The list has been narrowed down over several months. Julia Garner, Florence Pugh, and Euphoria star Alexa Demie are all still available, and Odessa Young (Mothering Sunday), newcomer Emma Laird. Bebe Rexha, Sky Ferreira, and other musical artists were also part of the search. The latter has appeared in Edgar Wright’s baby driver and the Twilight Zone series.

According to one representative who knows some of the auditions, the audition process is “grueling.”

Madonna directing her own biopic movie co-written by Diablo Cody |

Some of these auditions have been ongoing for months.

Sources claim that the hopefuls participate in intense choreography sessions, sometimes lasting up to 11 hours per day, with Madonna’s choreographer. After this, there are choreography sessions led by Madonna. Callbacks include readings with Madonna and singing auditions.

One person familiar with the process says, “You must be able to handle everything.” Sources say the project will culminate with the 1990 Blonde Ambition, a landmark tour. However, this could change as the script develops. The audition process was lengthy, and the potential star still needed to train hard for a possible start date.

To keep the rights, musical biopics often involve their subjects or relatives. Elton John was the executive producer of Rocketman. His husband, David Furnish, produced the film through Rocket Pictures. The upcoming Bob Marley biography at Paramount will have the children and wife of the late singer on board to produce. Madonna’s participation — she is the subject and co-writer and the director — is especially noteworthy.

The Madonna biopic auditions sound exhausting | The Digital Fix

“I’m doing this because many people have tried writing movies about me, but they’re always male,”

Madonna stated in October. (Brett Ratner’s RatPac was previously attached to produce a biopic on the singer for Universal based upon the 2016 Black List script Blonde Ambition

In 2020, Madonna would direct a Universal biopic and write the screenplay with Oscar-winner Diablo Codey. Amy Pascal will be producing. Cody has now left the project. Erin Cressida Wilson, Secretary, and The Girls on the Train have taken over co-writing duties. Madonna is an iconic role for any actress. Universal will distribute it. 

Thanks to Madonna as its subject-director, it will be a big hit with many people. But unfortunately, while the biopic is still developing, the studio has not given the green light. The studio is keen to see the film, but it usually waits for a final script, budget, and cast before granting the go-ahead. Therefore, the final casting of the Material Girl is a significant consideration.